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I get asked this question a lot because there’s not enough information out there on this, but a lot of people want to know how to clean their hookah hoses. 

First of all, not all hoses are created equally. Sometimes, you can get hoses that are simple vinyl and pvc. Other times you can get decorative hoses that are covered in suede, velvet, and other things like that. I personally prefer the regular hoses, myself, and this is why. 

Having worked in a hookah lounge, I realize a lot of the health aspects that go into running one. Every hookah must be thoroughly cleaned before it is ready to go back out to another customer. The reason for this is obvious, I’m sure. Even when using mouth tips, the spread of disease is made far too easy in something like a hookah. 

This is where the advantage for having regular hoses comes in - they can be washed. Decorative hoses may be pretty, but are incredibly unsanitary. Because they are covered in decorative cloth, they can’t be washed. When they’re washed, that pretty cloth is going to get completely destroyed and water will get trapped inside of it, creating mildew. 

Even when using your personal hookah, you should be sure to clean everything at least once every five or so smokes. This is going to be healthier for both you and your hookah! Take it from me, I’ve emptied bases that had water in them for montsh - it’s not a nice sight. And it’s certainly not something that you want to inhale into your lungs! 

On the subject of actually cleaning the hoses, this is really simple! Just run warm water (don’t use soap, if you want a thorough cleaning, you can usually buy a solution for cleaning your hookah at various hookah websites, I’ll post some links later) from a fosset or water hose through your hookah. This will get any blockage, ash, stale smoke, etc. out of your hose, while also making the hookah taste better and increasing your hose’s longevity! 

An incredibly simple step that is going to make your hookah experience a billion times better.

tl;dr: Buy regular hoses and clean out your hookah on a regular basis.

~ Carina <3

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